1. I love my job.


  2. Love in Bloom: Wendy and Larry’s Wedding at 1342!


    When you live in Los Angeles, November is basically Spring, right?  Well, I know Wendy and Larry agree with me because their Fall wedding was a true testament to how easily we can live in weather denial here in sunny LA, which is just fine by me (insert sunglasses emoji here)!

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  5. Walls they are a-changin’…

    Mural by the very talented Marhsall Rake.  Check out his site here! 

  6. I love all our weddings and clients, but Alison and Matt’s summer wedding is one of my absolute favorites!  We just received this video from Isabel Cinematheque and if you just applied some mascara or don’t want to happy-sob at your desk you might want to just bookmark it for later.  But if you, like me, are cool with crying and repeating “THEY’RE JUST SO HAPPY!” over and over at work, then click the hell out of that play button.

    Thanks again for a beautiful day, Alison and Matt!


  7. Esther and Eddie’s Dreamy Day


    Who says wedding planning has to be difficult?  Sure, the guest list keeps climbing and the cake might taste like cardboard and oh my god the seating chart is a NIGHTMARE but still!  Love! Fun! Happy times!  Ok, fine, it’s true; wedding planning can be downright overwhelming. But when you have the right person by your side picking out place settings and party favors (or letting you have your way while you pick out the place settings and party favors) it’s always worth the trouble in the end. Luckily for Esther and Eddie, their teamwork and creativity paid off in a big way and their wedding was a dream come true!

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  9. Harmonic Light: Not Your Average Photo Booth

    When you work with events, you see a lot of photo booths. Whether they’re old fashioned, open air, or full of props, photo booths are always fun, but let’s be real; you can only make so many duck faces and peace signs before it gets a little monotonous.  Enter Harmonic Light, a long exposure photography team that specializes in creating unique photos that just don’t look like anything you’ve seen before.  Obviously, in addition to having a lot of attitude (see above picture) we at 1342 take photography seriously and were totally blown away by every unique picture as well as the interactive process of making it happen.  

    Check out Harmonic Light on Facebook and scroll through their galleries to see just what we’re talking about.  We’re really excited to see them at the studio again, so check them out for your next party and then bring that party to 1342!  Everybody wins! 


  10. Skyler and Matt K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart)


    We meet a lot of stylish, creative clients at 1342 but Skyler and Matt really schooled us on how to make your wedding elegant in one easy step: keep it simple!

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